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Save Your Business with Business Restructuring: Increase Cash Flow with Technology and Creativity

The Government has been pushing for more productivity, more innovation and more technology. There are lots of SME and corporate grants. The question is, how do you make use of all this in an efficient manner? Businesses have been using these grants but for one-off purchases. These are things like laptops, software, piecemeal consulting, etc, with no solid improvements in productivity.

Instead of claiming the grants for the sake of claiming, why not use them in a more efficient manner to improve the profitability of your business? Do this right and year after year, the increase in efficiency will bring you more profits and cash flow in a recurring manner.

Our holistic management model, which solves business problems in all areas of the business, be it Operations, Finance, HR, Admin, etc, we have been helping small businesses and SMEs with business restructuring to increase their profit margin and cash flow.

Business Restructuring: Financial Lifeline Business Plan

Our first move is to ensure the survival of the business by building a survival line. Stem the bleeding of cash flow, and stabilise the cash position of the business. Very often this includes:

1. Business restructuring of business processes, streamlining procedures;
2. Raising productivity by investing in technology and creative methods;
3. Refinancing of loans to obtain better deals through our network of preferred bankers;
4. If the situation requires, to raise additional funding to carry out the restructuring.

It is important to note that we carry out business restructuring in a way that does not affect the quality of the business. By simply making the company's processes more efficient, there is plenty of costs to be saved.

Building a Solid Foundation

Once the company is able to survive, we will carry out essential management models to equip the company with the necessary systems to not just survive, but to excel in the industry. With 36 proprietary models to choose from, these include:

1. Financial operations and controls, best practices;
2. 8 Level Management Framework;
3. 5 Elements of Organisational Harmony ;
4. And many more, all backed by our 2 fundamental concepts of business management.

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